Online platform to discover localities

    In day to day life everyone finds many questions about his/her locality i.e. where to get a particular service, which one is best grocery store, which one is best restaurant/school/hospital around the locality and apart from these there are so many unanswered question which keeps toggling in mind but the problem here is whom to ask all these.
    This problem becomes more prominent when you move from one locality to another then you have a so many things to get clarified as you are new to this locality. Mylocalvoice is a common platform where you can explore your locality in best way. You can ask anything here about locality, you would find many resident who knows better this locality and could help you to make your living more comfortable.
    So many questions hit your mind to get answered i.e.

    • Where to go for shopping etc.
    • Which one is good restaurant in this locality?
    • Which one is best school for kids?
    • Where to get PG accommodation in this locality?
    • What new development is going on this locality?
    • Which hospital is good in services?
    • Any sports activity in this locality?
    • Where to get music training or any other sports training in this locality?
    • How is the real estate market in this locality?
    Let’s explore your locality on MyLocalVoice.
    A video explain what is MYLocalVoice all about.



Promote your business to local people

    If you are looking for an online platform to promote your business targeting to local audience then MyLocalVoice could be a perfect option to promote your business online free of cost. For adding your promotion stuff you just need to go to the locality forum and add your promotion content on promotion section.

    A video explain what is MYLocalVoice all about.