• Now Moving A Pool Table Is Like A “Piece Of Cake" With Packers And Movers Ahmeda Packers and Movers Ahmedabad 

    Moving a pool table used to be a troublesome and nasty task, but that days were gone because of this Packers And Movers Gandhinagar guide. Ya! This will be happy news for you if you are moving a pool table in your new place. One wrong step in moving can damage your expensive billiard table and may even lead to a personal injury, that’s why it’s always preferable to hire a professionals for your pool table and the meanwhile you can save time for how to manage the whole moving process.

    But if you decided to move billiard table on your own then you need to understand the whole process perfectly as much as you can, even including the instruction of how to disassemble it.

    How Much Will It Cost For Moving Billiard Table:

    Before you begin with dismantling the pool table for moving assess will the moving worth your time and money. The #best and easy way to know this is by estimating how much it will cost to move your pool table in new home. If it cost high then you can go for a option of selling it and buying the new one in new home, but if it’s within acceptable limit then #move it to your new home but for reaching to any decision ask these questions, like:

    What’s the Original price of your pool table?

    Time you had with your pool table a months or a years?

    Condition of your pool table- new? Slightly worn out or wholly worn out?

    Any sentiments attached with the pool table?

    For knowing the exact cost of the move you should get in touch with the professional movers like Local Packers and Movers Ahmedabad.


    Things You Will Need For Moving A Pool Table:

    Good preparation is vital for the successful pool relocation. We can’t start dismantling the pool table without adequate supplies and helpers when we want successful result.

    Original Instruction Manual: for disassembling the pool table follow the process written over the manual that came up with the pool table if you post it don’t worry search online for the procedure.

    Tools And Equipment’s: some specific items require specific types of tools and equipment for there safe and secure moving and pool table is of them specific’s so before begin with dismantling it make sure you have staple remover or pair of needle nose pliers, flat head screwdriver,  a power driller, socket wrench, safety goggles and carpenter’s level. For moving your heavy pool table you will also require moving dolly and don’t worry in the process if you feel you need some professional’s help, call Packers and Movers Rajkot.

    Packing Supplies: Ya you heard right! We require packing supplies for protecting dismantle parts of our pool table. You can get moving blanket or can use your household blankets for wrapping large dismantled parts of your table and to get hold of small fastening element’s use re sealable plastic bags.

    Required Moving Vehicle: for moving your pool table locally you will require a moving vehicle in which your pool table and other Household items can fit.

    Enough Time: moving is not a job of 2 to 3 days if you have lot to prepare for, so prepared for your move within enough time.

    Helpers: never try to move your super heavy pool table without 3 to 4 trusted people around, if it’s not possible to gather your gang then you can call local Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad for your household relocation.

    How to Disassemble the Pool Table:

    For disassembling your pool table follow these five steps:

    Pockets: remove the six ball pockets using staple remover or flat screw driver.

    Rails: second step is to take out rails, remove all the bolts from a rail section and with the help of your friends slowly and carefully slide out the section from the table.

    Felt: if your felt is too worn out rip it from the pool table and replace it out with the new one during the assembling process or if your felt is staple then remove the staple but if it is glued in the playing surface then pull it off slowing and gently in backward motion, remember in backward motion.

    Slates: use power driller or regular screw deriver for removing screws from the slates, now put the screws in the clear bag and slowly put the slates one by one on the floor. If you also require transit insurance for your shifting, call Packers and Movers Surat

    Frame and legs: after successfully removing the slabs from the frame now its remove to disassemble the frame and legs properly

    How To Pack And Move The Disassemble Pool Table:

    In soft packing paper pack each pool table pocket – plastic, rubber or leather.

    Place your pool table accessories in a cardboard box. For a clutter free moving it is always advisable by Packers And Movers Ahmedabad to Jaipur Reviews to label your moving boxes properly.

    Pack balls in their original box or in a packing paper.

    Pack your wooden pool cues in protective bag or after wrapping them with packing paper pack them in moving box.

    For packing rails, frame, legs and slabs use thick blanket.

    Using moving dolly move your wrapped pool table elements to the moving truck and then from moving truck to your new home. Don’t forget to fasten them properly in #moving truck #Packers and #Movers #Ahmedabad has all both type of moving vehicle enclosed and open.

    source url https://blog.packersmoversahmedabad.co.in/2019/09/now-moving-a-pool-table-is-like-a-piece-of-cake-with-packers-and-movers-ahmedabad.html

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  • First 10 Things You Should Do In Your New Home Just “After Move" Packers and Movers Chennai

    Congratulations on accomplishing first part of the moving process, ya first part because there is something still need to be done. Of course things to do on the first day depend on the time you arrive in your new home, if you arrivelate then you don’t have much energy to do anything, so just switch things to the next morning. Here are first 10 things you should do according to Packers and Movers Chennai on your first day of move.

    1. Check is there any sign of trouble?

    No matter what time it is early or late its really important to inspect the home or apartment in time, it is unfamiliar place and it can take days to discover all the secrets.

    Go room to room and check everything is ok, windows and doors locks are working fine, check water lines and plumbing leaks, check there is no sign of infestation.

    It’s important to do the check right after you move but not thorough, you will be exhausted after such a tiring move only do preliminary check up and do the rest in next upcoming days.

    2. Unpack the essential box:

    While packing, off course you have prepared essential box which will contain things you require for the upcoming days, if not and wanna know more about it check out #Packers and #Movers guide based on essential box. In long distance #move, mostly you arrive before your goods, so what to do next wait for it, no unpack those open first boxes you have prepared according to the #need of individual member.

    Unpack toiletries, medicines; clothing and other things you urgently require until your package come to you.

    Top Packers And Movers Chennai

    3. Check the utilities:

    What happen when you went to wash hand and faucet handle came out, imagine you entered in the room and turn the switch on but…..The very first job to check in house is utilities are up and running as they should be. Your major concern should be electricity, gas and water. Check the water meter and electricity meter note down or click the picture of the reading, this is important in case if any dispute. Internet, phone and cable connection is important but they can be done later.

    4. Check your pet:

    Pets feel very uneasy and uncomfortable due to changed environment, so give them enough time, close the windows and doors, play with them and follow their current routine. If you feel any different behaviour takes them to the veterinarian. Packers And Movers Chennai to Hyderabad assist in all kind of moving services like #packing, #moving, #pet #relocation, #vehicle #shifting and many more.

    5. Check children are safe and comfortable:

    If you are moving with the kids then its your first job to check their well being, safety and comfort, they might be feeling sad and stressful due to the situation, so its must to re-establish their running routine. During inspection if you have noticed any danger zone for kids pay special attention and make the house child proof in the upcoming days.

    6. Place boxes in their correct room:

    For this step the one thing you have to correctly while packing that is labeling, for any guide related labeling system, how to do it and all check out packers and Movers guide. No matter if you are unloading it or your #Movers both will be benefited by the system why? Because by sticking the numbers on the door you will know which number or label box will go where, this will save you from double efforts.

    7. Take refreshing shower:

    Moving day will leave you exhausted, dirty and hungry, so take a break, relax and have refreshing hot bath, no matter how may days or hours you have to travel before you go to your bed and end this day, it will be worthy to take a shower, before you go check bathroom is not filthy and if, then clean it upand after that just take out the require toiletries from the essential box and you are up to go.

    8. Prepare your bed:

    If furniture is already in the new home you just have to prepare the bedding and if you have to assemble it then do it as soon as possible because good night sleep is must after such extreme exhausting day, if you are hiring professional like Packers And Movers Cemetry Road Chennai then you can also avail services like unloading and reassembling. If there is no bed then prepare inflatable mattress.

    9. Quick dinner:

    After the bathroom and bathroom here comes the kitchen, you surely have packed the kitchen items you will urgently need for few days in the essential box, just take them out and start your work and if you are all exhausted search the nearby restaurant you can do so online, now days you can find apps through which you can order food from restaurant to home.

    10. Don’t overdose:

    It’s useful to know what you have to do just after you #move in but understand it’s not possible to complete the all task in one day. Be realistic and don’t overdose yourself take it slow and take care of yourself first. Just prepare an effective plan and work accordingly for the next 4 to 5 days, like:

    Give a through cleaning to your home.
    Inspect and improve the security level of the house.
    Make your residence pet proof and child proof.
    Start unpacking with the room to room.
    Update your documents with new address.
    Moving long distance? No need to worry avail the services of Trusted and Experienced Packers and Movers in Chennai.

    Source Url :- https://blog.packersmoverschennai.in/2020/01/first-10-things-you-should-do-in-your-new-home-just-after-move.html

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  • What Things To Recollect When You’re Changing Your Address? Household shifting is a tedious activity, lots of things you need to do and recollect such as cleaning, packing, decluttering, buying packing materials, hiring movers (if planning), searching for moving trucks, hiring local vendors to help in loading, again looking for local vendors at new place for unloading and re-arranging, unpacking, finding new house, shifting vehicle, changing child’s school, finding new job or completing the transfer process and etc. so basically over and all you have lots of things to do and accomplish even on the moving day. This is why every time Packers and Movers in Delhi suggest you to prepare a to-do list of moving process so that you know what to do and when to do. Dividing time equally into each tasks becomes easy with this.

    Top Packers And Movers Delhi

    But if you’re moving with the Top and Best Packers And Movers Delhi then you have to do nothing, all the tasks will be done from our side. We serve you the best services at best rates. In the huge list of shifting tasks do not forget to change your house address at important places or platforms. Because this is crucial and packers and movers in Delhi has brought some of the crucial tips or things to recollect when you’re changing your address.

    When should you change your address?

    Before moving out

    These each situation makes a difference, changing the address before moving out is found to be the best possible way to getting rid of tensions. Shifting to a new city, transferring bank accounts, changing address in all important government cards is crucial and packers and movers in Delhi will suggest you to do it before you move out. Because once you shift you need to come back again & again for several weeks, waste your time and taking leaves from job will affect to your monthly finances. Since its not an easy task to do unless you have a great approach.

    After moving out

    However, in general movers and packers Delhi do not advise you to do after you moved to new city. But if you’re at good position in government department or even have some good and great contacts and approaches then you can easily do it even after shifting to new house at new place. If your address can be changed with a phone call then its all good to do.

    How long will it take to change your address?

    As mentioned above with good contacts this process can even finish in one day or 2-3 days. But if having no such strong contacts then packers and movers Delhi suggest you to do it a month prior; even if it takes 10 days, 15 days or even 30 days you have enough time to complete your tasks. Be active and if possible, for you try to sum-up 2-3 tasks in one day so that instead of giving time everyday try to give sufficient and enough time alternate days of the week.

    What’s your new home address?

    Well when you’re planning to change your address its crucial to first know what’s your new address. If you have found a new house there whether purchased it or take it on rent if the address is confirmed then only it makes sense to go and apply for the process of changing house address. So, Local Packers and Movers Delhi suggest you that – first look for your new house then apply for this process.

    Why changing house address is crucial?

    Since we are living in digital world but still few things and stuffs are delivering to your home via mail or courier such as your bank documents, Packers And Movers Noida online shopping carts, electricity & water bills and etc. so to get these things onto right place is mandatory for your safe and hassle-free life. What if your important bank documents may deliver to your old house address? Obviously, your personal information will be shared to unknown person which is in some way harmful to you.

    What are the different way to change your address?

    There are many ways to change your address such as:

    By mail

    In personal


    You can adopt any one path to change your address, well however Movers and Packers Delhi suggest you to do it online because its quite handy and comfortable to everyone. Such processes may take time but every minute detail and notification of your process will be getting you on mails which you can access anywhere. Following the first path is little time consuming but can be done if you have sufficient time to the moving date. Since 2nd way can be the fastest way of changing the address but only if you have strong connections in the department.

    Whom to notify your change of address?

    There are several people and places where you must inform about your change of address. Sending them an informal or formal information or notification in written may help in speeding your process. Movers and packers Delhi would highly recommend you to share or notify your change of address with these people or places:



    Government places (such as post office, collectory and etc.)

    Utility companies (such as electricity & water suppliers and etc.)

    Financial places (such as banks, share markets and etc.)

    Institutions (such as schools, colleges, academy, activity class and etc.)

    Source url:  https://packers-and-movers-delhi.in/post/what-things-to-recollect-when-youre-changing-your-address

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  • Studentacco – PG Accommodation Services in Delhi NCR Studentacco is a web portal which provides all sorts of accommodations like PG, Hostels, Room on rent, Flats on rent for students and young professionals at affordable rates in Delhi NCR. We have the most authentic and verified accommodation listings, which you can select and filter according to your own preferences. We ensure the safety factor for all the inhabitants, so that our inhabitants don’t get into any hassle.

    Also, the accommodations can be extended to shareable occupancy and are well equipped with all sorts of facilities, such as well furnished rooms, hygienic washroom and kitchen, have basic furnitures etc. Our accommodations are very well located in terms of proximity to the nearest metro stations, banks, hospitals, malls, gyms, police stations etc.

    So, for a good stay in Delhi NCR and get in touch with us at Studentacco.com OR call us at +91 8882 356 356/ 9999 415 415.

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  • Looking for a Girls PG in Sushant Lok 1? If yes, then get help from Studentacco Studentacco is the place where you can find home-like PG to live in. It helps to you to seek good accommodation in Sushant Lok 1 for girls at affordable rates simultaneously matching your desired requirements.

    The monthly rental starts from Rs. 9000, inclusive of all the basic amenities such as bed, table-chair, purified water, attached toilet, cupboard etc. Sushant Lok 1 metro station is in the nearest proximity to the PG. It is a safe accommodation which is hassle free and is suitable to anyone’s requirements. It is shareable PG and the occupancy can be extended to two people. All types of grocery stores, supermarkets, banks, gym, salon etc are located to its nearest proximity. It is a safe location for girls who are seeking a hassle free stay.

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