• August 17, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    My sister lives in Pune and she is looking to move into a new house while she is pregnant. I thought I’ll share some tips based on her experience so other pregnant women can use it to move to a new house. Among all the difficulties, the major one is trying to do it ourself, we need help of someone who is expert at packing and moving, so it is better to use shifting services in Pune for doing our work. We also need to take care of hygiene of the moving process which will be taken care of by the professionals. We also need to plan ahead based on how many weeks a woman is pregnant, do not take risk during later stages. In pune especially many maternity clinics are there so you can also take the help of a nurse to monitor your condition during a stressful thing such as home shifting. If you have experienced it and have more tips to add, do tell us!