• October 14, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Welcome to Property Pivot ; The Pivot of Simplified Real Estate Search in India with segregated real estate search platform for the real estate professionals, seekers and owners.
    Property Pivot is one of the growing real estate portal in india, created to simplify your real estate search with some unique real estate system implications which are not new but somehow not dealt properly.
    Property Pivot understands that real estate deals whether it’s buy/sale/rent of commercial property or residential property, is always a big decision to make. Buying a property is a decision of life time, which involves lots of emotions and your harden earned money .Renting a property too is very important decision to make as it pave the path for your future plans.
    Property Pivot believes in making your search easy and reliable for these important decisions making. We will provide you some authenticated and detailed information about your search.
    Looking to buy sale & rent residential/commercial property in india ? You have various options to explore/search from listings posted by professional real estate agents or by property owners, at separate place.
    Worried about your privacy ? don’t worry, we have implemented unique privacy filters for you , now you can set your visibility and privacy according to your need , be assured you will be visible as per your preference only.
    Worried of fake listings ? Please carefully watch the property tag associated with each listings, we have given some tags to each listing according to their verification state.
    Are you a real estate professional and not satisfied with the responses or mixed leads ? Be assured we have implemented equal opportunity mechanism for you , now every listing has equal chance to be displayed , rest depends upon your quality of listings , accurate information and seeker’s will. We will ensure it’s best that there is no fake response coming through our real estate search system.
    This is just a beginning, Please stay tuned, many more features are in the process to excite you . Appreciate us if you like our approach and give us feedback if you wish to see improvements but keep in mind that we will move according to user experience enhancement only.

    Above all enjoy convenient and stress free property search in india.

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